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Our best reward is seeing you back again !!

Brok-air FBO in Tenerife South airport, off African west Coast, in a convenient and strategical situation to offer operators, in many cases just half way their final destinations, technical and fuel stops on EU territory. Fully committed to providing a degree of customer service that is second to none, facilitating companies fast, smooth and quiet turnarounds. Aware of the importance of arranging not only the safe handling of your aircraft but your crew and customers needs, at Brok-air we care strictly for timely coordination of transfers ( no stranded crews or upset passengers anymore ); best rates at associated hotels, guaranteeing also crew hassle free check-in; Customs clearance full support, and this is achievable only when staff are focused and trained on the fully and ultimate control and coordination of your operation. When handled by us, you may find useful that Brok-air Technics, our Line Maintenance part145 and capability list, be always handy to provide technical support to crew minimizing risks of grounded aircrafts.

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