October 27, 2016

Green Solutions

Aware of the impact on environment certain maintenance tasks produce, Brokair offer its distinguished clients the latest solutions in the market to maintain fuselaje clean and free of corrosion with a handwashed dry solution.

The entire process is fully supervised by Brokair engineers who will be assisting and monitoring every stage to guarantee and secure all precautions are taken when using the dry solution.

No water is needed and fuselaje is handwashed completely.

This service will also contribute to the following:

  • No need to tow aircrafts as this is a dry solution that can be applied anywhere.
  • It is of great help to the CPCP program.
  • Do not interfere with other maintenance tasks
  • It maintains aircrafts away from corrosion and Uva rays
  • It extends your exterior cleaning program

We pride to use latest equipments to provide quick and efficient results.