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Brok-air Aviation Academy  is the leading Basic Training center in the Canary Islands and in Spain with more than 23 years experience, EASA Part 147 approved, provides specialized aeronautical education in categories B1.1 (Aeroplanes Turbine). Students that finish our training course, gain the necessary knowledge and skills to excel as an Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) and receive official certificate from Spanish Aviation Authority (AESA) Part 66, after passing all the necessary exams and carrying out the internship in aeronautical companies. During the course the students are taught how to service, repair, and overhaul aircraft components and systems, including the airframe, piston engines, turbine engines, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, propellers, instrumentation, warning and safety environmental systems. Our center offers Basic Training courses required by EASA in order to become certified Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) in different categories and subcategories that Part 66 sets up. One of the most important objectives of our Training Center is to train future specialists that will work in aviation companies and aeronautical manufacturers companies demand, to train not only ATM specialist but also help our students to reach senior positions that these companies need.

In relation to our training quality, at Brok-air Aviation Academy we offer high quality modular training programme to our students, where each module is provided by instructors with huge body of experience as professionals in the Aviation industry combined with a body of their theoretical and practical knowledge in this field. Our Instructors cluster is composed by Aircrafts Engineers and technician who has been on Aviation industry more than 30 years working for renowned airlines. At the disposal of our students we have modern facilities as for theoretical clases as for the practical classes where they can acquire necessary knowledge and skills for the development of their successful professional future. The training is developed in a purely digital environment where students have a tablet with all the teaching material, videos, books, aircraft manuals, examples, etc. The center also has a storage system of material similar to the centers. of EASA 145 maintenance which they will use to learn a very important part of the industry, the logistics in aeronautical materials.


That Brok-air Aviation Academy currently offers


The Basic Training Course B1.1 will allow you to acquire all the basic knowledge required to obtain certification of Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) for B1 category and will provide you internship in Line maintenance and Base (hangar). The course includes theoretical and practical exams, once passed both exams the students will carry out the internship in company and will receive the corresponding certification Part 66 from AESA with recognition of Ministry of Development, Part 147 (EASA).



Brok-air Basic Training is located near Tenerife South airport´s facilities

• Tenerife Sur


8 Reasons for choosing Brok-air Aviation Academy


You will obtain the official certificate recognized by Europeen Authority in a prestigious Training Center with more than 23 years of experience and belonging to a solvent and one of the leading companies in the aeronautical Spanish industry, which is Brok-air Aviation Group.


We will provide you an opportunity to complete your internships during your training process at the best aeronautical companies in the world.


The Training program is conducted by experienced professionals of the Aviation industry with vast knowledge on both theoretical and practical areas.


We make available the best updated teaching material supported by new technologies.


We tailor the program to your needs and readiness, due to modular structure of our course, so you decide when you want to start it.


You will have the opportunity to be a part of our team once you successfully finish your training programme.


Once finished the Basic Training course, you can continue your professional development with us via supplement your professional training with our offer of Type Training courses in fleets A320, B737 CL and B737 NG. For more information, please visit the following link.


Because we want our students to find their real professional career that guarantees their successful career development and personal satisfaction.


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38619 Tenerife, Spain