Brok-air Aviation Group has an extensive network of line stations that covers Spain and Portugal. During our trajectory, we have focused on providing effective solutions to our clients, which has allowed us to grow sustainably. At Brok-air Aviation Group, we consider that the technical training of our personnel is a fundamental pillar and we are committed to high-level training to guarantee excellence in our service. With the dedication, experience and knowledge of our team, we offer solutions that ensure the best results for our clients.

Capabilities List

Brok-air Aviation Group combines more than 25 aircraft models with their power plants in its list of capabilities, a list that has not stopped growing in recent years with the conviction that the new generations of aircraft provide a unique experience and adaptation to our customers in their new fleets. Aircraft such as the A350, A330 NEO or the Embraer E2 are proof of this.

Approved Stations

Approved Stations
Brok-air Aviation Group currently has the most solid online maintenance network in Spain and Portugal, offering 24/7 maintenance at a large number of airports. Flexibility and compatibility with any type of operation is one of our values ​​and objectives.

With a human team of more than 300 people, a number that does not stop growing, Brok-air Aviation Group supports more than 200 airlines, lessors, etc.

In addition, Brok-air is approved by regulatory bodies such as EASA, TCCA, CAAUK, ICCAT, BCAA and ANA and FAA.

AOG Support

Upon request, Brok-air Aviation Group provides fast, high-quality AOG support wherever the customer requests it. Our extensive network of line stations helps minimize the impact on our customers’ operations.

Our qualified personnel will carry out the necessary inspections and repairs at the requested place and will prepare the aircraft for transport to the location decided by the client for final repair.

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