Brok-air Technics Services

Brok-air Technics is one of the Spanish leading line maintenance organizations .with more than 10 year experience operating holding EASA Part Transport Canada, TCCA and Mauritania ANAC Approval and covering the majority of the most popular aircraft types of commercial and noncommercial operators. As an independent MRO, we work closely with customers to understand their operational requirements and respond quickly to any unexpected changes. We help you reduce your maintenance costs and we solve your problems in the shortest period of time. Our engineers provide fully customized services in line maintenance, AOG support, based aircraft, flight spanner etc.

Brok-air Technics supports all scheduled maintenance tasks, both routine and non-routine, ensuring the highest technical dispatch reliability and standards. We perform more than 80,000 reviews per year on the industry’s key aircraft families, providing a wide portfolio of MRO services to the world’s major airlines. Brok-air Technics MRO provides a full range of line maintenance solutions to support your operational needs. We understand the exact airlines needs on their daily operation, as this is where daily operational activities happen. Thus, we focus on supporting airlines to the highest dispatch reliability standards as well as professional and fast recovery from AOG situations.


That Brok-air Technics includes:


Our experienced engineers and MOC staff carry out hundreds of routine reviews per week, that teach and help us to handle unexpected occurrences in an efficient and cool manner, ensuring that your aircraft stays the shortest time on the ground.


Brok-air Technics works side-by-side with aircraft operators to carry out a comprehensive analysis and deliver precise, safe and perfect aircraft on ground support service, in order to get aircrafts back into operation as soon as possible. As long as the aircraft is on AOG, Brok-air Technics´s team work as quickly as possible to assess, inform and solve the problem in the most effective way. Our team constantly reports and updates flight operations to make a precise forecast when the aircraft will be back in service.


Brok-air Technics provides on-call maintenance support in order to offer tailored maintenance programmes to each customer guided by diligence, speed and effectiveness at any moment of the provision of service. Due to our engineers have an excellent level of capability, they are able to offer specific engineering and maintenance management programmes developed to meet the needs of each individual aircraft operator.


Brok-air Technics has wide experience and knowledge related to setting up new line stations in a short period of time. Our team, composed of highly qualified engineers with large experience, is on constant standby to be deployed to any part of the world. Some of the temporary line station we opened inn the last 5 years are: Saigon (Vietnam), Caracas (Venezuela), Cali (Colombia) and Argel (Argelia).


Aircraft dismantling is another service that Brok-air Technics is able to provide to our customers and prove our work with EASA Form 1 re-certification on all major and minor components including engines, APUs and LRUs. Over the last 3 years, Brok-air Technics has dismantled 8 Airbus A320 and 4 MD87. We fulfil with ATA 300 Aviation packaging standard as well as IT solution to keep our customers updated during all the process of dismantling.


Brok-air Technics can provide to their customers engine and APU replacements at our line stations, or at any location preferred by the customer all around the world. We have carried out more than 30 replacements of engines of Boeing 737 and Airbus 320, providing best quality of service with minimal economic impact.


Brok-air Technics MRO is able to open new line stations under customer’s request to support aircrafts under the EASA Part 145 certificate and local authority approvals. New line stations are opened with a 1-3 months lead time, depending on geography and other operational factors. We are always open to forming joint projects with a customer’s technical staff or to working in partnerships with other EASA 145 organizations established in target locations.


Provided by Brok-air Technics

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Pre-flight, daily and weekly checks, transit and ETOPS checks

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Routine scheduled tasks, troubleshooting and defect rectification

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Special checks under ATA Chapter 05

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Minor structural maintenance repairs

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Engine idle and high power run-up

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Non scheduled Maintenance

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Form One issuances for aircraft deliveries under our Cat B approval

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CRS issuances under our Part 145

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Preservation and Depreservation of aircrafts

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Teardown aircrafts (including all paperwork arrangements and logistics)

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Cabin maintenance

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Technical assistance

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Type A Revisions

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Defect Rectifications

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Borescope Inspections

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NDT Inspections

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Avionics modifications (B2)

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Oxygen refill of crew and portable bottles


Brok-air Technics is present at strategical locations within Spanish territory

• Tenerife Sur
• Tenerife Norte
• La Palma
• Gran Canaria
• Lanzarote
• Fuerteventura
• Málaga
• Sevilla
• Alicante
• Madrid
• Barcelona
• Ibiza
• Mallorca
• Bilbao

• Lourdes, Tarbes

• Lisboa


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