A320 FAMILY (CFM56) B1.1

AIRBUS A318/A319/A320/A321 (CFM56) PART 66/B1




3800 €


This Type Training course is aimed to provide to the participant theoretical and practical knowledge needed to certify maintenance tasks as Aircraft Maintenance Technician of B1 category. The course offers detailed description, operation, location of the aircraft components, its removal and installation, BITE procedures and resolution of the problems at the maintenance manual level.


The successful completion of this training authorizes you to apply for a CAT B1.1 license for the respective aircraft type.
The objective of this course is that students achieve those detailed theoretical skills regarding the systems, structures, operations, maintenance, repair and diagnosis of breakdowns detected in the aircraft, in conformity with maintenance information approved, so that the necessary maintenance tasks can be duly and safely performed in the A318/319/320/321 (CFM56) in conformity with appendix III Annex III Part 66 of the Regulation EU 1321/2014 and subsequent amendments.


The target audience of this Type Training course are Aircraft Maintenance Technician professionals with a Part 66 license or equivalent license, who are willing to acquire the capability to certify Airbus A320 aircrafts with CFM56 engines.


Content and training levels applicable in accordance with Appendix III Part 66 3.1 e). The course has a duration of 150 hours (25 working days). There are 168 theoretical questions included in the theoretical part. These questions shall be distributed into 5 exams.


The objective of this part is to acquire the necessary skills so as to duly and safely perform maintenance, inspection and daily tasks, in conformity with the maintenance handbook and other pertinent instructions. The main goal is that students learn how to carry out the tasks depending on the type of aircraft, how to solve problems; perform repairs and adjustments, replacements and functional verifications. This means being familiar with the use of the technical documents of the aircraft, using special tools and testing equipment to remove and replace components and modules exclusive to this type of aircraft, including those maintenance activities carried out on the wing. The practical part of the course shall last 2 weeks, 10 working days. The maximum number of practical hours per day is 6.



ATA 00 Introduction
ATA 01 Documentation
ATA 05 Time limits/Maintenance checks
ATA 06 Dimension & Areas
ATA 07 Lifting and shoring
ATA 08 Leveling & Weighting
ATA 09 Towing & taxing
ATA 10 Parking mooring & storage and return to service
ATA 11 Placard & marking
ATA 12 Servicing ATA 20 Standard practices / Airframe
ATA 21 Air Conditioning & presurization
ATA 22 Autoflight
ATA 23 Communication
ATA 24 Electrical power
ATA 25 Equipment & furnishings
ATA 26 Fire protection
ATA 27 Flight control
ATA 28 Fuel system
ATA 29 Hydraulic power
ATA 30 Ice & rain protection
ATA 31 Indication recording system
ATA 32 Landing gear
ATA 33 Lights
ATA 34 Navigation
ATA 35 Oxygen
ATA 36 Pneumatic
ATA 38 Water & waste
ATA 46 Information system
ATA 51 Standard practices & structural
ATA 52 Doors
ATA 53 Fuselage
ATA 54 Nacelles & Pylons
ATA 55 Stabilizer
ATA 56 Windows
ATA 57 Wings
ATA 70 Standard practices – Engines
ATA 71 Power plant
ATA 72 Engine turbine
ATA 73 Engine fuel and control
ATA 74 Ignition
ATA 75 Blled air
ATA 76 Engine control
ATA 77 Engine indication
ATA 78 Exhaust
ATA 79 Oil
ATA 80 Starting


The exams are carried out during the whole training and it is not permitted the use of the books at them. The minimum score necessary to pass the exam and to complete the training with success is 75%.

The participants will receive Part 147 certification after successful completion of the course corresponding to the chosen training type.



Degree: Aircraft Engineer Certifed on Airbus A320 CFM56 B1.1
Issuing Entity: Brokair Training Malta Ltd.
Issuing if the certificate: At the end of the training

Form: On-site
Number of students: 26
Duration: 150 Hours
Language: English – Spanish

Price: 3800 €
Payment methods: Bank transfer (in advance)